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My Amazing Experience as a YCDI creator!

Before this YCDI camp I knew nothing about Scratch or creating a website, I didn't even know my personality traits, I can say I knew a little about blogging because I write in a journal but most things were still new to me. From this camp I want to learn how to create a Scratch game, how to create a website, how to become a better blogger and what exactly is Youth Empowerment. I actually earned what I wanted to know/learn. I learnt how to create a website; some of the different tags and attributes to use, how to create a scratch game, what is Youth Empowerment. After camp I want to continue to blog, create scratch games and 'create websites'. Practically everything!

I want to extend a big thank you to NCB Foundation & Grace and Staff Community Development Foundation for sponsoring the YCDI camp. Without your sponsorship it wouldn't be possible for us to have such an exciting week. We are truly grateful for your help 🥰 Thank you again!

I would also want to say thank you to the YCDI ambassadors Tyreek Welsh, Cherika Wilson, Christopher Derrell, Sabrina Atkinson and Lianne McNaughton for helping us this week. This week was really fun! I wish it didn't have to end so soon. 😥😥


Day one- On day one we learnt what scratch was and how to create a sprite.

Day two- On day two we started creating our first game


  1. Use 'arrow keys' to move.

  2. When in the bedroom press 'space key' to start dancing with partner.

  3. Press 'a' key to end game .

Day three- On day three we got our first scratch fun work.


  1. Avoid Ball!

  2. Click green flag to begin game.

  3. Press space key to switch backgrounds.

Day four- On day four we created another game.


  1. Press green flag to start.

  2. After told what to do press 'space key' to enter the tunnel market.

  3. Use 'arrow keys' to collect items.

Day five- On day five we finished our first Website.

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