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💸NASHAWNIA THE RICH GIRL 🤑🤑💰💴 ( Fiction story 😴)

There was a girl named Nashawnia Fobres 👸 , who live in Los Angeles , California ✈🛫 . Her parents was very rich 🤑💰, so Nashawnia get anything she wants . Nashawnia attend the Oaks Christian School🏫 . Many students around the school would say that she was too hype in everything she do and wear😡😤 ; Nashawnia do not pay them any mind at all 🤐😑 .

At maths class Nashawnia do not understand anything in the subject at all 🙄😢😖😱 . Math is her weakest subject 🔢 . Mrs Light at the topic integer which Nashawnia did not understand from first grade 1️⃣🏫 . She raise her hand 🙋‍♀️🤚 and the teacher acknowledge her and said 🗣 ' what is the problem miss 🤔 ' . Nashawnia response and said 🗣 ' I do not understand anything at all😖😭 '. Mr Light tell her let your classmate Sasha help you because she got every thing correct 🥰😇✍.

As from that math class Nashawnia start to love maths now 😍🔢 . Nashawnia and Sasha turn best friend for life 🤼‍♀️👭. Sasha tell her best friend about her family issues such as finance problem 🤧😭😱💰. Nashawnia tell her parent , which they come to an agreement to help her family in every thing tby need 🥰🥰 .

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