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20 Minutes is an Eternity

Michael, the main character of this story, was a happy, generous and grateful man,, but he was lonely. He made a challenge for himself called "20 Minutes." It means that he was supposed to find someone to be his future girlfriend or future wife. Michael went on with this challenge, but what he didn't know was that someone planned something special for him...😈. As Michael stepped foot into the city at 2:00, he found a cafe. To Michael's surprise it was just what he needed. He walked inside the cafe and looked around the room for his soon-to-be girlfriend. He found a beautiful woman sitting on a stool at the table. She cheated on her husbands multiple times,

Michael went up to her, blah blah blah, and then he fell unconscious. When he woke up, it was 1:45 in the afternoon, he thought to himself, "What happened?" He shrugged it off and went back outside, in the same attire, at the same time, and the same way. He ended up back at the cafe, and met a different woman in the same seat as the previous one. She was a woman with multiple boyfriends, Michael did the same process as before. Talked, fell unconscious and woke up in his house. Michael did this a few more times until he realised everytime he chose an indecent woman, those 20 minutes never happened. So this time, he did it right. Went to a beautiful woman at a cafe, chatted, got to know her more, and they are now a couple. After that, Michael forgot about all those things that happened to him...

Like those 20 minutes never happened.

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thanks a-shaunae


i liked this story :)

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