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Dear Future Self

Heyyyy you! It's you! In case you're wondering why you wrote this you'll find out in a few more sentences but you wrote this at 8:12 pm on Wednesday, July 28th 2020 at the age of 12 you're 'supposed' to be reading this 2 years from now. When you wrote this you were just leaving Brown's Town Primary School heading to St. Hilda's Diocesan High School. Remember when I said you would find out in a few more sentences well here is why... The thing is at age 12 you thought mental abuse/bullying was a problem in schools (You probably still do but that's beside the point) and you were trying to address the challenge... You outlined the idea of creating a club/group of different high school students who thought it was also a problem. Of course, the idea of asking for permission was thought through. The plan was to go to your former school, after asking for permission to go from class to class and pick out the different students who were having that problem. ( You're probably saying "at age twelve?!" ikr it's impressive, it's you babygirl). YES! It was certainly apart of the plan to have a section of the club for the bullies too.

You then thought 2 years ahead of the club/group saying "when the time has passed you would have hoped that club is still up and running, bulling/mental abuse would have reduced and that the students would have really appreciated the help.

Well, thanks for reading what you wrote. Byeeee!!

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