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Gilo and Ikino vs The Dahdn

Gilo is a tall white man with yellow eyes and yellow hair. His best friend Ikino is a tall black man with brown eyes and green hair. They were scientist researching unknown particles they found in space. One morning, while researching the refrigerator holding the particles exploded and all the contents spilled on both Gilo and Ikino. This made them have superpowers and became Jamaica's friendly neighbourhood superheros protecting everyone from alien villains.

One day Gilo was with Ikino at the supermarket. Suddenly, lightning struck the light post on top of the supermarket. Everyone rushed out of the supermarket but little did they know it wasn't any normal lightning. Gilo and Ikino looked up and realized the lightning was their arch-nemesis the Dahdn. The Dahdn has been terrorizing the cities and even the universe for over 50 years. He comes in the form of lighting and strikes everything in its path.

Gilo and Ikino quickly ran behind a tree and changed in their superhero suits. Their suits were yellow and green and stretchy in fabric and Gilo told Ikino to fly up and look for the Dahdn. Ikino flew up and did not see the Dahdn anywhere and shouted at Gilo to use his X-Ray vision. However, Gilo did not spot him and they decided to split up. Instantly! They saw lightning coming their way and quickly had to dodge. The Dahdn appeared and tried to strike Ikino but Ikino used his telekinesis and blocked it with a yellow Ferrari which redirected the lightning back to Dahdn and made him fall on the ground. Gilo tried using his heat ray vision but the Dahdn was too quick. Ikino then used his super speed but still could'nt catch him. Gilo and Ikino then used their fire powers and finally caught him. The police came and put special cuffs on The Dahdn and carried him to jail where he cannot hurt anyone else. The crowd cheered and Ikino and Gilo were once again their heros.

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1 Comment

Alayna Simpson
Alayna Simpson
Jul 22, 2020

I liked your Story Ikino

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