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All about Essat Seales

[A sentence introducing yourself with your full name (You can add a nickname well if you feel like)]

[Your name & School (you can add what you look forward to about your new school or what you love about your current school)] MCgrath high school going to 9th grade

[What are three of your hobbies and what do you love most about doing them.]

cooking ,helping out my grandma ,eating , going out with family

[Favourite Movies/Shows:

  1. spongebob squarepants

  2. proud family

  3. the fairyly oddparent

(*Add an image/GIF for each movie or just one for the category)

Favourite Food:

  1. curry chicken and white rice

  2. seafood

  3. buger king and kfc

(*Add an image/GIF for each food item or just one for the category)

Favourite Songs:

  1. nba youngboy

  2. lil baby

  3. bino rideaux

(*Add an image/GIF for each song or just one for the category)

Favourite Sport:

  1. track n field

  2. cheerleading

  3. dancing

(*Add an image/GIF for each sport or just one for the category)

[From this camp I want to learn.../I look forward to ...]

create blog and game

[In my personal blog I want to write about:

  • all about myself

  • food

  • around the world

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