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YCDI Ambassador Programme

Ambassadors are the arms and legs of our movement

The YCDI Ambassador Programme was officially launched in July 2018 and is the programme coordination arm of YCDI. There are 3 tiers of ambassadors in the programme; volunteers, facilitators and leads. These individuals will be the hands and feet of YCDI, becoming the means of facilitating programmes across the country. All ambassadors are assigned to one or more of the core focus areas below, based on their interests.

YCDI has given me opportunities that allowed me to grow and develop and to be more exposed to the tech space.I have realized is that I have developed a greater confidence in just talking and sharing with others, learning more to listen and accommodate others thoughts and ideas.

YCDI 2018 Ambassador

Our Tracks

For our first cohort we only accepted 25 candidates.

It's no summer camp. The ambassadors embark on a year long journey to become facilitators and programme leads for YCDI initiatives. Along the way they learn about the Agile process, as well as learn from the highest caliber of individuals in the corporate and academic spheres of their nation.


If you're interested in joining our Ambassador programme, stay tuned for the call for applicants in 2019. We'll post the information here.

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Our Ambassadors Get At It!
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