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[My Last Day of Camp Blog Title]

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

[Your introduction talking about what you knew before starting camp, what you wanted to know, what you learnt at the camp, what you did, how you felt throughout the camp and a thank you for the sponsors (NCB Foundation & Grace and Staff Community Development Foundation). ]

[Introduce each of your games and websites (from day 1 to 5), write a description if possible and instructions on how to play.]

[Embed (insert) your scratch game and websites so that it is playable and viewable from your blog post.]


Day 1

On day one i created this game ....


  1. Use arrow keys to go left and right

  2. Include instructions

[Sharing your blog so that your friends and family can read your blogs]

[Include screenshots if possible]

[Something you want to pursue in the future]

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