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I love being a YCDI Explorer And I will miss it

Thank you to our sponsors and Thank you to our Teachers you taught us A lot thank you to make Thank you to our Sponsors and our teachers you taught us A lot and thank you for helping Children to earn programming and blogging we learned a lot on my first game it was about a dance party please my second one was about Alayna's little cat my third one was about a cat and like a person living in a house My fourth one was about it was about a family having a journey together to find their dad my next one is about a cat walking and eating a girl mine. My six one was about yellow everything 61 was a bow a yellow sky with a yellow ground with yellow everything my n C next one is About a race 🏁 my next one is about hitting a bar and my under the one after that is about avoiding a ball minus one is about is the end my other one is about cross heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye

Cross my heart ❤️ and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eyes next one is about eating a taco and the other one is a puzzle game And my last one is About all my games. And I might make some more games after camp. My Blogs My First blog is about a ballerina dance a party 🎉 my other One is about. Two best friends racing but Zagat to park up in the competition and forget about the friendship Then ran Happily My last one is About what I miss most about school That is my friends

I hope you like My Blog ❤️💙

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