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Lazy Lan

Once upon a time there was a boy named Lan, he lived with his mother and sister Lainy. Lan's room was always a mess, the dishes where always dirty, his laundry was never done and the bathroom was never cleaned. This was because Lan was always on his phone and Lainy was tired of doing all the chores.

One day Lainy and Lan's mom came home from work to see a dirty house. Once again she was pissed because everytime she came home the house was dirty. She then went to Lan's room very angry. As she was heading towards his room she heard a soft sound "Am a savage, classy, boujee, ratchet". She immediately shouted to him telling him to get off Tik Tok. When she entered the room she grabbed the phone then threw it outside and shouted " Lan! I'm tired of your foolishness. It's about time you clean your room, clean the bathroom and do you laundry."

As she shouted at him, Lainy stood there laughing at him until he stormed out of the room to do his chores. After about ten minutes Lainy and her mom went to see what he was doing. When they entered the bathroom they were shocked, it was sparkly clean with all the towels folded up. Lan said " You liking what you see?" And they replied saying of course, and just like that they got Lan to do his chores .

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