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My Experience at Camp

What I knew before starting camp.

= I knew that I was going to learn about different programming apps like (e.g Scratch Games, Blogs) which would widen my knowledge of information Techniques.

= I knew I would meet new people who would help me on my learning path.

What I want to know.

= I want to know more that just the Microsoft features, I want to know how to work more creatively with artistic mind, as these this new knowledge could be a major impact on my future profession.

^ I want to know how to program with codes.

^ I want to know how to create cool games and fun apps.

^ I want to know how to improve my writing skills.

What I learned from the camp.

Computer (YCDI) Camp was REALLY FUN!. I am super grateful that I got this wonderful opportunity, to expand my learning in Information Technique, thanks to The Grace and Staff Foundation who made this possible.

Day 1 ( Mon July 27) = Today I have some pretty interesting class as I started off my class with Scratch Programming. In this lesson I was introduce to a new world called Scratch where you could create your own games with sprites - a character/image avatar in a game. I made my own sprite use code bars to make it move and talk.

Scratch Game:

Instructions - Use the arrow keys to activate the character.

( *the characters will guide you)

= In my second class, Youth Empowering Workshop, I learnt about my different character traits and the roles and strategy of my personality. First I took a personality test, which resulted in me being an Advocate, I was surprised by the results as I discover new traits I never knew I had. I was really intrigued by this lesson.

= In my last class I learned how to make my very first blog post - a virtual journal/diary where you can write about your feelings on something or your perspective on a specific topic with a peer. In my first blog I wrote about myself, where I went into detail about my different interest and favorite things.

^^ My First Day as a YCDI Creator was REALLY Fun. I enjoyed it.

Day 2 ( Tue July 28) = Today I started off with my Youth Empowering session, where we dived deep into our personalities by examine each trait of an individual's personality, later everyone was given a chance to come up with a local or world wide problem, mine was racism as I have observed the rising act of murders and death by only black people, which is very popular in the United States of America. We then teamed up to make ideas on how to stop these problems, this activity was used to link our characteristics to our personalities in term of how we would use of skills and different ideas to come as one team to solve the problems. Class GREAT!

= In the second session, I went back to Scratch Programming, today we continued from last class, I learned how to add different backgrounds and costumes to my Sprite, also I made my Sprite talk and have a conversation with another Sprite. It was manageable, but fun as I learned some new features.

= Lastly, Web and Web Development. These classes were a bit confusing, but I was still able to learn as much as I can about different tags and attributes like { HTML -HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE}. Also I was able learn about CSS which is completely different that HTML as it stands for Cascading Style Sheet, this would help in styling/"clothing" my website. Sadly, right as class was getting interesting my Wi-fi went away and logged me off, luckily Mr. Derrell was kind enough to stay back and help me with my assignments.

^^ My Second Day as a YCDI Creator was mixed emotions in spite of that I was able to learn new and helpful aspects of programming.

Day 3 ( Wed July 29 ) = Today was an awesome as we continue our Youth Empowering Workshop lesson from yesterday's class. In this session we continued from move up from our personalities to world problems, in this activity we gave different suggestions of world problems and then we worked together using our different personalities to come up with idea to fix these problems. I love class today, I felt upbeat and fulfilled, thanks to Ms.Wilson for such and realistic yet interesting lesson.

= Scratch Programming was once again manageable, in this class I learned how to add a score board and timer which would help in the game activity I got to remix. Finally I made my own game, YES, I feel like those game programmers. Thanks once again to Tyreek Welsh who stayed and help me through my Scratch Journey.

= Today you learned more about HTML & CSS, how to create links to other pages, and how to design and change the color and font of your website. I also learned more new and different tags that you use for different purposes like ( <a href="..." ), which is used for links and addresses.

^^ MY Third Day as a YCDI Creator was quite interesting. I loved my Web class as I learned a lot.

Day 4 ( Thur July 30) = Today was a bit challenging as I only focus on Web and Web Development for most of our classes. I usual I learned some new tags and how to create a link form a different website or from the same browser. IT was pretty COOL!. I had some minor bumps in the road but I got help, by Mr. Derrell, who helped me a lot in this learning aspect.

^^ My Fourth DAy as a YCDI Creator was interesting!

Day 5 ( Friday July 31) = Today was a AWESOME. I finally finish my first website. Later, I learned how to publish my website.

My Website-

It now time for blogging, in this session, I FINISHED MY BLOG

SUMMARY = I learned new things as I discovered a whole new world behind the apps and programs I usually used each day. Thanks to Sabrina, Tyreek Ms.Wilson and Mr. Derrell. Also I am very grateful for this opportunity from our sponsors NCB Foundation & Grace and Staff Community Development Foundation

Something you want to pursue in the future

In primary I was always indecisive as to what I wanted to be when I grow up, but I was sure that I was going to pursue a profession is art, at least I was sure about something. As I got older I continued to think about my future career but it would always change, but I am considering to become a graphic design in future. I am not sure how long I will go with this time, but i will try my very best to at least pursue my "dream job" in the field of Art.

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