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My First day at YCDI CAMP

Hi my name is Dwayne Lawrence, i am 13 years old and this is my first day at the YCDI camp.

At first i thought nothing much of it because i thought it would just be like any other camp but with computer.

when i walked in i saw my friends talking with the teacher and some other kid in Jamaica, i started wondering if i had to do it as well, around 20 minutes past and my teacher came in and told me to get a computer and start my work so i ask her if i had to do the same thing as my friends and she said we are one group so we all have to do the same work.

When i turn on the computer my heart started racing because i was a little shy at first but then i found out that the kids are cool to play with.

My first day at YCDI was crazy.

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