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My First YCDI Post

Hi, my name is Ramone Edwards, and I am a new member of YCDI, I will soon attend Jamaica College.

What I look forward to at Jamaica College are the Robotics Programs and the ATO Pilots program.

Three of my hobbies are art, football and listening to music.

Three of my favorite shows and movies are Spider-Man: Far From Home, God Eater and Rick and Morty.

Favourite Food:



Fried Chicken

Favourite Songs:

  1. Might Not Give Up

2. Want It All

3. High Today

Favourite Sport:

  1. Football

  2. Basketball

  3. Volleyball

What I want to learn in this camp is how to be an expert programmer/code maker and what I look forward to is making games.

YCDI is personally, for me, the best place to learn coding and programming, how to make blogs, animations, and to have fun while doing it.

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