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My Last Day at YCDI Camp

My name is Tirell Witter Throughout this 1 week journey I have been Introduced to Web Development, Creating games in Scratch and posting Blogs. I would like to learn more about Web Development because everyday I learn something I would always want to learn more. To be honest this was a great journey that I think anyone can do.

Day 1

I learned what a Sprite is. Day 2

I learned the different blocks in Scratch and how to play it. I also had learnt about the different tags in Web development class. Day 3

I leaned how to fully create a game in Scratch. Here is the game:

I also learned about different languages such as HTML and CSS(What we used in class)

Day 4 Day 4 was mainly Web development and we were finishing up the website.

Day 5

We have fully completed the website and we were just doing some final touches.

Here's mine:

My future Plans:

In the future I would like to be a Web developer and I was very Inspired by our teacher Christopher Derrel. He is a great teacher.

Thank You Note:

I'd also like to thank Sabrina Atkinson for always being in the chat to help with our problems. Same goes with all the other teachers.

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