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Present to Future Self...

Write a letter to your future self....

Dear Future Me,

Hey, I know you are probably older now, about 10 years from now, more wiser and smarter than you ever been. I am currently 13 years And I wanted to share my goals with you from now so you know what you will achieve in the future from now. I am attending Ardenne High School, you would probably remember that, all the struggles and stress we went through just to get grades and pass our exams, WOW!! time flies so fast, but I want to know. How are you? How is life? Have you be following your dream? Have you finally got your dream job?. I really wish I could meet but instead I will use a letter to link our connection. I have a challenge I want to discuss you as you must over come it, we have struggle to improve our confidence, especially since we are shy, but I want you to know that shyness is an anchor is an protect, we have had this challenge for years, I am not saying you should not give it up, but you have to maintain it, enough so you that you can have the confidence to face fears and to take more risks. To be honestly, you are an amazing person with a talented personality filled with super strength which are useful to approach our challenge. We can approach our shyness by using our resilience to minimize it and to be more open-minded in situations where we can take risk for more success. I hope by time you read this you will have already gotten over our challenge, I hope you have change from this issue to be more confident. I hope when you read this you feel good about your self and be enough. I love you and I wish you the best of success, love and support from the moon and back. Good Luck in the Future.

Your sincerely,

Present Self

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