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Super heroes need saving too

Hi my name is Madison. I am a superhero. I live in Jamaica. One day I was on the road running some errands,when I saw a beautiful forest. I decided that I wanted to go inside. So I went inside the forest and started exploring. When I was ready to leave and finish running errands I realism that I was lost. I got really scared. I tried screaming for help but no one came to rescue me. Also I did not have a cape to fly. Then I realise that I had a superhero phone. I called a headquarters. I told them where I was. They sent some one to come and rescue me. That night I was on the news. I went to the news place when they were filming. I said "I am not ashamed that me super hero needed saving." The next day I went outside and saw that every one was clapping for me because of my speech on the news. The mayor awarded me. I felt very proud of my speech.THE END

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