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The 5 wishes

Hey, my name is Regina George. If your are reading this you need to know the worst thing about me, it is that I never ever had a happy moment but today is when I make all of that change. I've been waiting for this day for a longtime. Guess what day it is? its my 16th birthday. Well, I have some wishes that I always wanted from I was 12 years old. My first wish is to have my own car. Another is to meet the best rock star in the world. One thing is that out of every body in the world my worst enemy was born on the same day as I. To start my day my house was filled with flies so I had to went to school in my pijamas. And one more thing was that my mother car was out of gas so I had to take the school bus what a nightmare i wished I had my own car and ''suddenly'' a car showed up infront of me and my bestfriend with a woman saying that its my car she gave me 5 candles and 5 machetes i wish to be popular and i was popular i wished to wear the best cloths and i was out of my pijamas and soon i was wearing a beautiful dress i wish to meet the rock star and he pulled up right infront of me it was the best and for the first i had a happy moment thanks for reading hopr allyour wishes come true

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