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The Story Of Milan

Once upon a time there was a girl called Milan. Milan had 3 siblings;two brothers and one sister. She had a younger brother named Kyle, an older brother named Jacob and a younger sister called Ashley. Jacob was the first born child followed by Milan whom is the second . Kyle is the third born child followed by Ashley whom was the youngest.

Milan belongs to a nuclear family. In this family she has a mother whose name is Karen and a father whose name is Alvin. Milan liked to read and so she would spend most of her free time under the mango tree with her younger sister Ashley She would read about ponies and unicorns and mysteries. Ashley would say to her "M , read me a story."0 Ashley's favourite story was "The Wonderful World of Unicorns". She loved the colours of the unicorn and would ask Milan to show her each page.

When Milan also know as M reads The Wonderful World Of Unicorns to Ashley she often acts like she is flying to make the story more exciting and interactive. While Milan and Ashley are enjoying The Wonderful World Of Unicorns, Kyle and Jacob are playing football. Everyone seemed to be having fun.

Milan and her siblings liked different things. However, one thing is for sure they all liked having fun. They had fun together and individually. Milan's house could almost be called Milan's House Of Fun.


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Jul 29, 2020

I love it

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