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What did i do when school was closed

When Corona Virus came, we had to stay home for couple of months which means no school which was sad. So the first week of quarantine, we didn’t get no homework or classwork. I relaxed and spend some time with the family that week. The second week, our teacher gave us work, call it homework because she always gave us in the evening. That’s what we’ve been doing until mid-April, we started the Zoom class. We went on zoom, got worksheets and class work.i got alot on my plate. On weekends, I go to church, relax, go to the beach and revise. Summer came and I graduated. That was the last time I was going to see my friends, teachers, staff and the principal except for the one’s that are going to the same high school as was a really sad and happy day. Yep! i'm going to Highschool. Guess which school I’m going and its somewhere in Jamaica!

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