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Being a YCDI explorer is so fun

I made multiple games and created multiple blogs. I had to learn how to do those two things before I became a expert at making blogs and games. Everyday I looked forward to learning how to make games and writing blogs. Thank you NCB Foundation and Grace and Staff Community Development Foundation for sponsoring this year's summer camp event.

During camp I made game

Day 1: I made a story game.

This game is a story about a young lady named Abby having a dance party.

Day 2: I made a game where you could walk in different directions

Instructions : use the different arrow keys to move in different directions. The name of the game is move the sprite.

Day 3: I made a ping pong game. It is called hit the ball. My user name is princessuni1003

Instructions : when the green flag is clicked put the mouse pointer in which ever direction you want to go in to hit the ball.

Day 4:

I made a flappy cat game. The name is flappy cat

Instructions :

Use the up arrow key to move up and use the down arrow key to move down. Avoid the buildings and collect the balloons

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