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Summer Birthday

It´s a lovely day, the sun is shining, the streets full of people, such a beautiful sight of life. It was Sam's birthday. When he woke up he was greeted with happy smiles and his favorite breakfast. He was hugged and kissed by his family and wished Happy Birthday, then he was left in his room to enjoy his Birthday Breakfast. After Sam finished his meal he jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for his special day, as his mom said he has a big day ahead. While Sam was in the shower getting clean he sang a song, this song he had made it from his heart. He made this song for his father who had passed away a year ago on his birthday that was an emotional day for him, where he gets flashbacks every time he was reminded of him. Sam remember and started crying, but he got over it and focused on his day as that is what his father would want. After his relaxing shower he got dressed and headed down stairs, he then thanked his family for his birthday wishes as he exchanged them hugs and kisses. His mother, came up to him and said. " I know Sammy, he would really wanted to be here", as she cried and hugged him. She then wiped her tears and said, "Sammy it is your day so do not worry about anything, I love you my big boy. Hope you enjoy your special day". Sam hugged her back and kissed her on the cheek, then he ran off to go and play in the backyard with his cousins and siblings.

As the children were having fun outside the adults stayed in and arranged a party for Sam, so to plan it without Sam knowing his Uncle, Tim, took him and children to spend the day at the beach. Sam was excited as he jumped for joy. They all got ready and headed to the beach leaving his mom, and aunts to plan his surprise party. After the long journey to the beach they finally arrived. Sam opened the door and ran down to the beach with his siblings and cousins behind him, while Uncle Tim unloaded the beach toys from the car. The day was very hot, so this beach day was very convenient. While the kids enjoyed themselves in the water, Uncle Tim sat in his chair and watched them from the beach. Evening came and it was time to go home. Everyone was disappointed but they listened and returned to the car. On their way home Uncle Tim smiled at Sam as he was filled with joy to see Sam' s reaction when he would reach home to see his surprise party.

They arrived at home. Sam rushed to the backyard where he was surprised with a party, he eyes were filled with tears as he jumped with excitement, he ran to his mother and hugged her. As the party came to an end, Sam was grateful for his family and friends with their support and love. Later, Sam showered, put on his pajamas and got into to bed. As his mom tucked him him she said, " Happy Birthday my big boy. I love you" and kissed him good night.

This was one of the best birthdays Sam has had, and the first one without his father, but he knows that his father is looking down on him and smiling.

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