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hi my name is Lemar Nelson and u can call me NELLO GOD. I attend Jamaica College and the food is good.

I love to skate on the skating ring and its very fun, I love to ride my bicycle because i can do sick stunts and i love rally racing because those cars go ZOOOM. Favourite Shows:

1. blindspot on netflix

2. memes

3. rally racing (which is down below)

Favourite Food:

  1. space icecream

  2. lasagna

  3. shepards pie

(*Add an image/GIF for each food item or just one for the category) Favourite Songs: ( you may not know them :D)

1. playboi carti

2. xxtentacion

3. rocksteady

(*Add an image/GIF for each song or just one for the category) Favourite Sport:

1. car racing

2. football

3. basketball

(*Add an image/GIF for each sport or just one for the category) I want to learn how to do programme and have a BLAST

the things i want to write in my "personal" blog is :

  • food

  • cars

  • space

  • technology


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