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<<What!... IS a Je'Han Williams?>>

( Just in case you were wondering) I am a the Je'Han Williams... (yes the one you have never herd about before)I think people call me J as a nickname. I will be sharing with you some of the knowledge i have of myself.


In September I will be attending the school Ardenne High School. If i'm being completely honest i really don't expect anything from my high school i know that i will be drowning in homework, classwork,........... projects................... etc. etc. #unprepared

(ugh, more like hashtag cringe).... but that's what i hear from my high school comrades. There will also be (dun dun dun) adolescents waaaay older than me. This may come as a shock to you but i'm afraid of people older than me, specifically adolescents....... I don't know why but i feel that i have to be cautious around them.......


some of my hobbies are drawing/painting, documenting life ( this is more of a bad habit) and making my friends laugh......

I really don't have that many hobbies and i also don't even do my hobbies much so find myself talking to myself or a nonexistent entity... but i don't do it much (that's a lie)

oh and you are probably wondering what i mean by documenting life... there are two types the first one is documenting what happens in your day, basically writing in a journal but everything is exaggerated....... and the second one is documenting what happens in other peoples life....... (sigh)


My favorite shows/cartoon/anime is

  • Apple and Onion

  • Scissor Seven

  • Levius


My favorite food/drink is

  • seafood soup

  • french fries

  • sorrel

  • strawberry acai - from Starbucks


Some of my favorite songs are...... umm

  • thunderclouds

  • riptide

  • real love


My favorite sports are

  • netball

  • football

  • basketball


if you did not get the concept of this blog post..... it was to tell the world about myself

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You seem like such a nice person....You remind me of my classmate......You don't have to be afraid of adolescents they aren't that bad'

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