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YCDI WAS FUNNN !!!!!11!!!1!!

Before i started the YCDI summer camp i knew nothing about editing nor coding skills. AND A BIG BIG THANK YOU TO THE SPONSORS :))))))

I want to learn a few things in editing games and creating games and not to forget the html coding too!

From his camp i have learnt how to make a scratch game and how to make a html website! to be honest i never really expect myself to be interested because i only did this camp because it was fun ! ( and it got interesting too)!


MY GAMES !!!11!!!!1

MEH FIRST GAME: First day GaMe :D (Monday)

instructions: use arrow key and space bar to move around :D and have a nice socialization with da Squirrels :D

MEH SECOND GAME: day 3(Wednesday)

instructions: use space bar and arrow keys to move around and try to get the groceries !!!1!!!!!

.and now my website :D

i did me best to this website so go easy on me ;(

hope u enjoy it :D


Well, i want to pursue the logics of space when i grow up!!!!

Im going to miss this. GOOODBYEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!


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