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    • This is not a blog 😟😞

      SO guys you know that I always write on the blog but during the past month me and my mom have been back to school shopping so now that I have the time to think of something for you guys you will be getting a story twice a week sorry guys that's the best I can't do right now sorry again 💕😞guys just stay safe😊✋


      Hi guys I'm back with a new and hot topic The haschak sisters, as some of you guys kn ow that they are utube channel stars I was thinking that I would give you guys an update on the haschak sisters so tell me in the comments below this DIVINE Steadman signing out bye. ✋😁

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    • iamWITy 2020 Video Gallery | Ycdi

      iamWITy Conference Recap iamWITy iamWITy Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing YCDI #iamWITy Conference - Day 1 Morning - Opening Ceremony 36:17 Play Video Now Playing YCDI #iamWITy Conference - Day 1 Afternoon - Future Careers In Tech 02:28:03 Play Video Now Playing #iamWITy Conference - Day Two Morning Session 52:58 Play Video

    • Home | Youth Can Do IT (YCDI) | Empowering Youth Through Technology

      The Future Is Digital Through our programs and events like Digital Learning Day, YOU(th) can learn something new in tech. VIEW MORE WHO WE ARE Time after time, we've heard the participants in YCDI programs say they never knew how much they could do with their skills, or that they could even create something powerful with code. ​ That's our mission. To empower Jamaica’s youth through the use of technology and self-actualization. Who We Are Creators Summer Camp 2020 Recap Youth Can Do IT YCDI Creators Summer Camp - Student Review Play Video Upcoming Events No upcoming events at the moment WHAT STUDENTS SAY RUTH-ANN ARMSTRONG I would 100% recommend attending these workshops to anyone interested in web development, and I definitely plan to attend more in the future. You could attend with absolutely zero prior knowledge of web development, and leave having successfully made your first website. Learning web development has exposed me to a bunch of new opportunities, and I'm grateful to Youth Can Do I.T. for getting me started. CEEJAY McCALLA The workshops at YCDI has been truly inspiring. Through this initiative I have been briefed on the development of websites and coding, which has captivated my interest. I now try to code on my own as a hobby and try to learn new skills in coding. Also, I am now considering the idea of undertaking a career in programming and website development, after being exposed by YCDI to this fun career path. SUDDENE STONE The entire workshop was really amazing as it helped me to understand a topic I was just starting in school, Ms. Lianne made the activities very captivating and worthwhile, and I had fun while learning. Thank you YCDI and Dream Jamaica for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the activity. Our Programs Outreach Digital Learning Day DLD affords a great experience for all the tech and non-tech persons to learn something new. The target group is Grade 4-6 students and High Schoolers that come and learn how to program your own game or robot and to code their first website respectively. Read More Mentorship Women's Mentorship Our aim is to provide the young girls with role models, teach them the skills they will need, encourage them, and show them that tech careers will help change the world for the better. Read More Mobilization Ambassador Progrm The YCDI Ambassador program is a network of passionate students and young professionals who are dedicated to using technology and strengths based initiatives to empower the youth. Read More See All Programs Latest Blog Posts This is not a blog 😟😞 SO guys you know that I always write on the blog but during the past month me and my mom have been back to school shopping so now that ... 1 Write a comment HASCHAK SISTERS 2 Write a comment 1 Code. Org/dance Hi guys sorry I didn't post anything for a while I found something on the internet it is similar to scratch I think it's easier (just say... 12 1

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    • Welcome to the Forum!

      It’s good to have you here! Feel free to share anything - stories, ideas, pictures or whatever is on your mind. Here you can start discussions, connect with members, reply to comments, and more. Have something to say? Leave a comment or share a post!

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