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    • This is not a blog 😟😞

      SO guys you know that I always write on the blog but during the past month me and my mom have been back to school shopping so now that I have the time to think of something for you guys you will be getting a story twice a week sorry guys that's the best I can't do right now sorry again 💕😞guys just stay safe😊✋


      Hi guys I'm back with a new and hot topic The haschak sisters, as some of you guys kn ow that they are utube channel stars I was thinking that I would give you guys an update on the haschak sisters so tell me in the comments below this DIVINE Steadman signing out bye. ✋😁

    • Code. Org/dance

      Hi guys sorry I didn't post anything for a while I found something on the internet it is similar to scratch I think it's easier (just saying) you can create your own dance parties and dance moves you can do it in real life trust me it's super cool and it's free all you have to do is put in a user name or e-mail create your own password and create your own code. Ps. I love you guys hope you are safe watch the kids bop music video Every thing means nothing if i can't have you. Bye😁✋

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    • Welcome to the Forum!

      It’s good to have you here! Feel free to share anything - stories, ideas, pictures or whatever is on your mind. Here you can start discussions, connect with members, reply to comments, and more. Have something to say? Leave a comment or share a post!

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