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2 Friends Running Happily

Once upon a time, there were to best friends there was a Running of the leaves Race coming up to Nuck down the leaves of all the trees in spring for spring. They needed to do this so the Princess of All the land made a race so when they race it will Nuck down the leaves on the trees. One of the best friends had wings the and the other did not The friend that had wings name was Rainbow and the friend was named Bloom. In the race, the last year Rainbow used her wings to win Bloom thought it was unfair but they were still friends this year Bloom reminded Rainbow not to use her wings Rainbow said"I can win this Race with my wings behind my back". Bloom said, "Are you sure".Then Bloom tied Rainbows wings behind her back. Then the Race Began Rainbow and Bloom Swifly Ran off they Kept running and Running Until they decided to pull tricks But Rainbow did not do this on purpose but Rainbow said see you later then Bloom fell over a rock, her friend Twilight was in last with her then Bloom Said "I don't believe it Rainbow tripped me"Twilight Said"no she didn't, you, if you were looking, where you are going like me You would see that you tried over a rock" Bloom Said "Oh I am Sorry Twilight " Twilight said"Don't say sorry to me say sorry to Rainbow for accusing her of things she did not do"Bloom Said "okay Twilight I will try to be a better sport".Twilight said "good".When Bloom Finally caught up to Rainbow Bloom said"See you later"Rainbow tripped over a Stump Rainbow said"I can't believe it Bloom tripped me Twilight said no she did not you tripped over a Stump Rainbow said, "Oh I better Run to caught up to Bloom to tell her sorry bye".Twilight said well wants to go on. Soon after Rainbow caught up to Bloom then Rainbow was way ahead she switched the sign then she was watching Bloom come and see her go the wrong way then she caught back up then they were fighting to win the race they tied in last there slowest friend won. And there Princess Came and they all gasp Rainbow and Bloom said Princess and they said that they were sorry that the princess had to see them like that then the princess said. The point is not the competition it's to shake down the leaves on the trees Then they ran to shake down the leaves Happily Ever After

The End !!!!!!!!

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It is a very interesting and good story

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