A Happy Dance Party🤩🥳

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

On A sunny Bright Happy Day

There was a Cat and he was walking and he met a girl named Abby they introduced themselves to each other. Then Abby Wanted to have a dance Party The cat named Alayna agreed. When they almost started to dance someone came along her name was Aninia Dance. They were about to dance but they realized they had no music then A girl came along and she has music she wanted to dance too her name was Classy Dance. Then came another girl she was a Ballerina And her name was Ballerina? Then came a girl named LB Dance she wanted to dance so they let her come in. There are so many people there now they don't know what to do. They danced in Gro. ups when they danced in groups the Rooms and the places were cleared. they danced happily gracefully togetherly nicely in their room..............hihi....hi. It was clear and they all Dance Happily

The End ??!!