• Tyreek Welsh

The Collision Experience

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I took this step when I decided to be a part of the YCDI team and my journey has been nothing but great. I was given the opportunity along with Deandrew Moore, to attend the Collision conference in Toronto, Canada. It is the fastest growing tech conference in the world. This trip to Canada, was in fact my first time travelling abroad and also my first time on a plane. Being away from Jamaica and experiencing a different culture was fascinating and really exciting. We tried different food, did a little touring and experienced the cold climate of Canada.

Japanese Food

I must say our trip wouldn't have been as great without Jason Scott(big bro) as our chaperone, who ensured we had a good time while guiding us throughout the conference. Keisha Francis(big sis) the Secretary of Micheal Thompson(the deputy Mayor of Toronto) also contributed greatly to our experience as she took care of us throughout the conference and outside