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COLLISION 2020: Learning tech during COVID

The Collision Conference 2020 was spectacular. Who could imagine that while at home, persons would be able to learn so much. Especially during this time of uncertainty, the COVID19 pandemic, a conference like this was necessary to remind persons that there is hope and there’s still an opportunity to pursue your passion.

While I enjoyed the entire conference, two sessions stood out to me the most.

Firstly, the session entitled “Blowing the Whistle the Right Way.” With my interest in politics, I motivated myself to attend this session especially with what was happening across the world in regards to politics. The panelists were John Tye, Mark Zaid, Simone Grimes and Steve Clemons. The discussion mainly focused on blowing the whistle in terms of it being a correct course of action or wrong. They spoke about how deciding to be a whistleblower despite the political and social consequences is always a complex decision regardless of the place of employment. In regards to John Bolton and his "whistle blowing", it was necessary as it ensured that the government regardless of party were held accountable for all their actions by bringing it light. The panelists agreed that "whistle blowing" does not have to be illegal which is the common misconception by many. However, there is one main issue with "whistle blowing". Even if the rules were abided by and no laws were broken, the government or company may still try to silence the whistleblower.

The second session that was really great was the one entitled “Advertising in 2021” In this session the panelists highlighted the toughness of advertising during this pandemic for a variety of industries. However, at the same time, there are companies that are very invested in the media now. A panelist noted that there is a great shift from traditional ways of advertising to a more creative one. The panelists agreed that there is a need for more transparency especially in media and supply chain.

I enjoyed these two sessions even though they were very different for many. However, for me it proved that the whistle blowers culture prevents many big businesses from being deceptive especially in advertisement.

I enjoyed all the sessions and I appreciate that I was able to attend. An environment including very qualified people sharing their knowledge is always something I appreciate and get inspired by.

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