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YCDI Social Good Summer Camp

Powered by NCB Foundation

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YCDI Explorers Camp Overview

Grade 3-6 Primary/Prep School Students

July 20th-24th

  1. Daily 90 minute Scratch Programming workshops

  2. Daily blog post writing workshops 

  3. Students will be grouped by grade:

  • 50 students from 3rd-4th grade​

  • 50 students from 5th-6th grade

  1. Each of the grade groups will be subdivided into cohorts of 25


  • Expose students to and get them excited about programming​

Grade 3-6 students



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About the Summer Camp

During the month of July, YCDI will engage 150 students in an intensive and hands-on experience that will:

  • Introduce students to and get them excited about programming;

  • Channel their creativity and allow them to hone their own voice through the development of a blog website;​

  • Foster an appreciation for the importance of social enterprises through the application of technology to address a social issue in Jamaica 

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Camp Overview
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YCDI Creators Camp Overview

50 high school students - 1st & 2nd form

July 27th-31st- Daily 5 hour sessions 9 am - 12 pm, 1 pm - 3 pm

  1. Creating their own blog website 

  2. Personal strength development strengths workshop using StrengthsFinder for Kids

  3. Introduction to Scratch Programming

  4. Introduction to Website Development with HTML & CSS


  • Empower students to understand and apply their

innate talents to creative technology projects 

Summer Camp Objectives

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Increase exposure and usage  of technology and programming

Increase in critical thinking, logical thinking  and problem solving



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Expose the participants to the technology space and various roles in an organization

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High school - 1st-2nd form


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Have the participants start thinking about social issues around them and how they could be the change agents to solve them  

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Learn Agile principles and concepts to manage a project



Empower the participants to understand and know what their innate talents and strengths are and how to apply them to execute, strategize influence and work with others

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many participants?

100 prep/primary school students 

50 high school students

Where is it?

Virtual event on Microsoft Teams

July 20th -31st

(Each group will run for 1 week)

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Learn different skills and put them in to practice


When is it?



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